Subaru Sambar LED Reverse Light Upgrade

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We love our kei trucks but they are 25 years old. A lot of advances in automotive lighting has taken place since these trucks hit the streets. Today's LED lighting technology is one of those advances. Upgrade your Subaru Sambar (スバル サンバー) today!

This kit is a near plug-n-play conversion that can be done with minimal mechanical experience.  A small section of the inner layer of the engine door will need to be trimmed.

You'll get a reverse light the lights up the world behind you while getting an addition tail or brake light. Both significantly increase safety - allowing you to see more behind you and allowing you to be more easily seen by others, respectively.

The kit includes:
  • One(1) Diode Dynamic Stage Series (C2 or C1) Flush Mount LED Pod (Sport or Pro)
  • One(1) Custom Measured wire extension (to connect to tail/brake light)
  • Four(4) Solder Seal Wire Connectors (to connect to reverse light)
  • Installation Guide/Instructions

You won't be disappointed with this upgrade.

Available for:
- Sambar KS3
- Sambar KS4
- Sambar KV3
- Sambar KV4

Lead Time: If you can't wait, please don't order.