Silverback Coilover Suspension (kei) - Subaru Sambar (スバル サンバー)

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We did it first and we did it right!  Your Subaru Sambar (スバル サンバー) is screaming at you right now ... "I NEED THESE"!  Our coilovers are the correct way to modify your suspension.  Not only do you get proper camber adjustments and proper (and most importantly) adjustable ride height capabilities, but you get so much more ... just look at this list!

* Designed for Street Comfort and Off-road Use
* Radial bearing on Front Assembly
* Nickel Plated Shock Cartridge
* Mono-Tube Shock Design
* CNC Machined High-flow Aluminum Piston
* Stainless Steel Shims
* Medium Weight Synthetic Shock Oil
* Independent Height Adjustable
* 20 way Adjustable Rebound 
* Front Adjustable Camber Plates
* Fully Rebuildable
* 2 Front Assemblies
* 2 Rear Springs w/adjustable base
* Three(3) Spring Rate Options
* 1-Year Warranty Against Defect

Don't waste your money on a fix strut tower spacer that leaves you now way to correct the geometry or camber.  Don't waste your money on something that doesn't actually give you the ability to use the room you make for the larger tires you put on your Japanese Mini Truck.  Don't put a brand new heavier and taller spring on that dinky little OEM strut - it wasn't designed for it, it can't handle it.  You're kei truck deserves to have the proper upgrades - you have an option now!

We are are experiencing inconsistent lead times from various suppliers. It has been hard to promise a time frame for shipping.  Typically, we get these out between 4 to 6 weeks but recently we've had a few take as long as 10-12 weeks.  Please understand ... we will deliver but if you can't wait, please do not order as there are so many factors outside our walls that affect building these complete units.

Spring Rates (front only):
- Soft = 225 lbs - primarily for off-road use
- Medium = 250 lbs - primarily for public roads / surface streets
- Firm = 275 lbs - primarily for racing or larger people

Spring Rate (rear only):
We've done ALOT of research and finally bit the bullet and went with a complete custom spring.  Partnering with Swift Spring, USA we've reverse engineered Subaru's approach and made the appropriate adjustments to the spring rates to accommodate both lifting and lowering installations. 

Similar to the OEM spring, we spec'ed a two stage linear spring which allows consist ride comfort and performance whether your loaded or not.  The first 2.125 inches for our rear spring is rated at 175 lbs creating very comfortable unloaded ride quality. The remaining 5.375 inches is rated at 290 lbs which provides the same quality ride even with 500 lbs or more of cargo. Our customized spring meets and exceeds the load capacity of the vehicle. Please understand, that is not mean to imply that it is safe to exceed the OEM recommendation - it just means that you loose nothing with our set up.

Ride Height:
- Lowered (up to -0.75 inch)
- Stock
- Lifted (up to +3 inches)*

Available for:
- Sambar KS3 w/50mm spindle
- Sambar KS4 w/50mm spindle
- Sambar KV3 w/50mm spindle
- Sambar KV4 w/50mm spindle

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Although our coilovers can accommodate a 3 inch increase in ride height (lift) we do NOT recommend going any higher than 1.75 inches unless additional modifications are done. Theses trucks were designed to be loaded and therefor were "preset" with CV angles that most effectively manage load ... maximizing the axle plunging depth into the CV joint. We recommend 17 inch limiting straps to be used in conjunction with our coilovers if additional modifications are not done.