Frustrated with nowhere to put light switches, gauges, or that really nice clinometer you've got sitting around? This hand crafted Dash Pod is the perfect thing for almost any application out there. The base can be sanded down to fit the contour of your dash or if you're lucky enough to own a 2015-2019 Subaru Outback, this will literally screw to the center speaker cover and actually make that space useful.

The fiberglass construction is give it a solid platform - no cheap plastic that will wobble around or reshape itself from the front windshield heat.

The black flocking finish has less glare than most OEM dashboard and will certainly be less noticeable than any plastic stick-strip pod on the market.

Custom templates are provided to save you the time to measure and cut the openings you need but you're always free to do what you what.  The material is easy to cut and shape.


  • Weight = 1lbs 2oz
  • Height (front) = 3.875 in
  • Height (rear) = 1.5 in
  • Width (front)= 11in
  • Width (rear) = 7in
  • Depth (center) = 5in
  • Visor = 2.25 in
  • Fiberglass = 3mm
  • Faceplate = 3in tall x 8.5in wide (center line)