Mud Flaps / Gravel Guards - Subaru Outback

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Designed to protect your car from the sand blasting effects of rocks, dirt, mud, road debris, and whatever else gets kicked up from your tires.

CNC cut from a unique blend of super durable 4.5mm, polyurethane-based sheeting. Our Mud Flaps / Gravel Guards are rigid enough to protect your ride at any speed without flapping around, yet still very flexible and durable.

Includes 4 custom cut mud flaps / gravel guards, hardware, decals, and installation guide.

The 2008-2009 Outback received a facelift from Subaru. The bumper covers in both the front and the rear have different mounting points than the earlier years of the same generation. For these models, we supply the hardware but the mud flaps will NOT be pre-drilled.