Beacon Brake, Tail, Turn Light Assembly (universal bike rack mount)

Regular price $168.95

Safety is #1 and this universal bike mount brake, tail, and turn signal unit makes sure the people behind you know what you are doing when your bikes block your OEM tail lights.  We've been running this assembly on your personal vehicles for the last couple years so we know these will hold up to all sorts of abuse.

Using a standard 4pin trailer light harness this light is more versatile than you can image.  Mount to the bike down tube, front shock, seat post, or directly to the bike rack itself. The light solves the problem of obscured tail light visibility in one of the easiest, cleanest approaches.

  • Universal Mount
  • Multi-function Light
    • Tail light - with headlights on
    • Brake light - super bright!
    • Turn signals
    • Hazard Lights
  • Durable
  • Convenient carry & storage case

We've had a great relationship with Admore Lighting over the last several years so we are excited to see this product hit the market and even more excited to be asked to feature the product on our site to our customers.  Get yours now!